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Daphco is an accredited supplier of Medicare braces to thousands of customers across the US. You might need a brace for various uses such as immobilizing affected areas, reducing back, neck, and leg pain, supporting the spine, stabilizing bones following spinal fusion surgery, and improving posture. No matter the condition you’re experiencing, we provide condition-specific brace so you can recover quickly.

At Daphco, we pay attention to each patient’s individual needs and understand their condition so we can provide them with the right brace tailored to their requirements. Whether you are a Medicare or non-Medicare patient, our qualified staff will assist you at every step of the process and ensure that you get the right brace quickly.

We understand that pain can make your life uncomfortable. That’s why we ensure a hassle-free and seamless process so you get your brace quickly delivered to your doorstep. If you or your loved one are in need of Medicare braces, our professional team is ready to assist. Get in touch now!

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For Patients

Daphco provides high-quality bracing products to Medicare beneficiaries. Call us to check if you qualify for a brace as a beneficiary. Our team will do all the paperwork if you qualify.

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For Providers

Refer a patient and we will ensure that they get the assistance they need. Our team will help them find the recommended brace quickly and have it delivered without any hassle. Call us today.

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Our Products

Daphco provides high-quality Medicare extremity braces and other products to patients across the US.

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