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  • 28th Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

Introduction At the age of 30 and up, men and women will see a gradual change on their height and gait (walking). As individuals age, it’s typical to experience a gradual decrease in height, averaging around half an inch every decade from their peak stature. Height loss becomes more noticeable, particularly after reaching the age […]

  • 23rd Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

What is Obesity? Overweight and obesity defnies the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat, posing health risks. An individual is considered overweight with a BMI exceeding 25, and obese with a BMI over 30. This problem has reached epidemic levels, with more than 4 million fatalities annually attributed to overweight or obesity in 2017, as […]

no image
  • 20th Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

How Exercise Helps Your Lower Back Muscle? Doing certain exercises can make your lower back muscles stronger, which can help reduce pain and prevent injuries. These exercises can also improve how your hips are positioned and make your core stronger, which can make you better at moving and doing physical activities. Our bodies perform optimally […]

  • 15th Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

Building Strong Bones Osteoporosis, often referred to as the “silent disease,” is a condition characterized by fragile bones, making them more prone to fractures. While it’s mostly affects older adults, especially women after menopause, the steps you take in your younger years significantly impact your bone health later in life. Here’s a comprehensive guide on […]

  • 13th Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

Lower left back pain affects a significant portion of adults, with low back pain commonly stemming from various injuries or organ-related issues. Understanding the causes and identifying emergencies in left lower back pain are crucial. Causes The back pain can be caused by many things, but these are the ones that happen most often. Muscle […]

  • 9th Feb, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

What is Hyperextension Knee Injury? Hyperextension knee injuries can really hurt, making it hard to do daily tasks, sports and etc. Knowing what causes them and spotting the signs early is important for getting help quickly and getting better. In this blog, we talk about why hyperextension knee injuries happen and what signs to look […]

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