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Category: Shoulder

Preventing Shoulder Injuries
  • 9th Jan, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

Shoulder Injuries In daily activities, your shoulder undergoes extensive movement, enabling you to lift, reach, and perform various tasks. While its flexibility is beneficial, the frequent motions increase the risk of injuries. The shoulder, being the most vulnerable joint, often faces issues due to repetitive movements or excessive arm motion, such as painting or hanging […]

Types Of Shoulder Arthritis, Symptoms, and Treatment
  • 5th Jan, 24
  • Posted by Kent Cales

Shoulder arthritis, characterized by joint inflammation and cartilage loss, brings symptoms like pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Treatments vary from home remedies to surgical interventions. What is shoulder arthritis? Shoulder arthritis, marked by inflammation in the joint, induces pain and stiffness, especially during arm movements. The primary joint involved is the glenohumeral joint, […]

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