The ARYSE HYPERKNIT Ankle Sleeve is a lightweight, breathable sleeve that provides support for prophylactic protection and injury recovery.

Product Types: Ankle Sleeve

(See the size chart in the description below)


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Scope of Application: The ARYSE® ankle sleeve provides versatile support for a range of ankle-related conditions, including prophylactic ankle protection, edema, joint effusions, and mild instabilities. Whether rehabilitating a sprain or treating tendinitis, this sleeve provides vital support for healing and comfort. Its innovative design ensures optimal comfort and mobility, allowing you to move with confidence during daily activities or athletic pursuits. Lightweight, breathable design suitable for prolonged wear, with bilateral support for both ankles.

By offering targeted compression and support to the ankle and foot, it helps alleviate swelling, enhance circulation, and promote faster recovery. Whether you’re seeking preventive care or support for an existing condition, this sleeve offers reliable protection and comfort to keep you moving with ease. Experience the benefits of advanced ankle support with the ARYSE® ankle sleeve and regain confidence in your mobility and performance. If you experience pain in your heel area, you can try our heel sleeve for pain-relief.

Features: Bilateral, compressive, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable

Product Materials: This ankle sleeve is made up of Nylon, bamboo charcoal fiber, rubber thread, polyester fiber

Directions for Use:
1. Pull the sleeve over the foot of the involved ankle
2. Align the heel pocket of the sleeve with the involved foot

Ankle Sleeve           Size                                       Ankle Circumference         
101                               Small                                       Up to 8”                                       
102 Medium 8 – 10”
103 Large 10 – 12”
104 X Large 12” and up