Hand and Wrist Bone Growth Stimulator (Scaphoid)


Product Types: Bone Growth Stimulator

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Fractures in the arm, hand, radius/ulna or scaphoid are common, often due to absorbing the impact of falls or accidents. Swift treatment is crucial to prevent complications. REGENERATION OL1000™, indicated for nonunion fractures post-trauma, can be positioned on the arm, wrist, or hand, even over clothing, braces, casts, or external fixation devices.

The Bone Growth Stimulators are portable, battery-powered medical devices intended for the noninvasive treatment of established nonunion fractures caused by trauma, excluding vertebrae and flat bones. The device was crafted with the following characteristics:

*Lightweight and cozy
*Simple to operate and noninvasive
*Operates with just one button
*Worn for 30 minutes daily
*Compatible with internal or external fixation *or worn over a cast

For Patient’s Manual, click this link for more info.


L 9” × W 6 ½” × H 7” 1.85 LBS.

Fracture Site

*Humerus – Distal
*Radius/Ulna – Proximal/Mid/Distal
*Hand/Wrist – Phalanges/Metacarpals
*Tibia/Fibula – Mid/Distal
*Foot/Ankle – Phalanges/Metacarpals/Ankle

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