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How Sports Ankle Brace Is Useful For Sprain

sports ankle brace

Whether you walk, run, jump, hike, play a sport or perform any other physical activity, your ankles are vulnerable to impact. According to an Epidemiological Survey On Ankle Sprain, 59% of athletes experience a form of an ankle injury once in their lives. Just one careless step can cause a twisted ankle which may prevent you from going back to the athletic field. With ankle strains being at the top of the most common type of ankle injuries during sports, it’s important to be prepared to avoid such injuries. A sports ankle brace can help you get back on your feet early and prevent re-injury after a sprain.

If you play sports, make sure your ankles are properly supported with an ankle sleeve to prevent injury. If you have experienced a sports injury, it is crucial to seek treatment immediately. Along with other treatments, protect your ankles with a sports ankle brace to get support and prevent any further injuries. Check out Daphco’s range of durable ankle braces.

How Ankle Sprains Occur During Sports Activities?
sports ankle brace

The ankle joint consist of bands of tissues that connect the bones of the lower leg and tarsal bones (the top of the foot) and help to keep the ankle stable. An ankle sprain occurs when these joints are moved beyond their normal range due to a sudden twist or roll to the ankle. The ligaments are elastic only to a certain limit and when the limit is exceeded due to a sudden inward and downward movement of the foot, it results in a partial or full tear.

If the level of force is high, the ligaments and bone fragments might tear away from their attachment site, resulting in a tangible loss of stability in the ankle. This is referred to as an injury of the complete joint capsule and all of these outcomes are collectively known as ankle trauma or ankle sprain.


When an ankle is twisted, you might hear a sudden ‘crack’ sound followed by swelling, bruising, and pain. Depending on the severity of the injury, you might not be able to stand on your feet. Almost 40% of the patients who suffer from ankle sprains experience long-lasting symptoms if not properly treated.

Risk Factors

People who participate in sports like soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, and tennis are especially at a high risk of developing ankle sprains. Sportsmen and athletes who experienced ankle sprains before are also at a high risk of an ankle sprain. Moreover, athletes who rush back to playing sports while their ankle is still recovering are likely to get re-injured.

How A Sports Ankle Brace Can Help Your Sprain?

If you want to recover quickly, it’s better to start moving quickly than rest or complete immobilization. Movement strengthens your joints, brings fresh blood, and stimulates the repair and regrowth of sprained tissues. But you need to protect your ankle to prevent the injury from worsening.

So how do you strike the balance between ensuring ankle movement while protecting your ankle? A sports ankle brace is the best equipment to help you achieve this goal.

How Does A Sports Ankle Brace Work?

1. Provide Compression

In ankle sprains, ligaments are injured and may take even months to heal. Wearing a sports ankle brace enhances your proprioception and helps in quick recovery. It does so by adding compression to the skin around the injured region. Our skin has tiny sensors in it and when these sensors are compressed, they transmit more signals to the brain about what’s happening in the injured area. This helps the brain control ankle movements more effectively.

2. Restrict the Range of Motions

Along with providing compression, a sports ankle brace restricts the range of motion and prevents from moving into a dangerous position that may cause re-injury.
The most vulnerable ligaments are on the outer side of the ankle and they might get torn when the foot moves inward suddenly. A sports ankle brace allows your foot you move up and down but prevents it from moving inward or outward. This helps you walk or run without putting any stress on your ligaments.

What Are The Best Types Of Sports Ankle Brace?

There are various kinds of sport ankle braces but the type you should use will depend on:

1. The severity of your injury
2. Your rehabilitation goals
3. Activities you want to pursue after the recovery

You might not find a one-size-fits-all sports ankle brace or support. It’s all about choosing the best brace solution for your ankle protection which depends on your injury, goals, and needs.

1. ARYSE® HYPERKNIT® Brace For Ankle Sprain

sports ankle braceDaphco offers ARYSE® HYPERKNIT® Ankle Sleeve is designed specifically to provide prophylactic ankle protection and relief from ankle sprains. The design is comfortable, lightweight, and functional and you can easily perform your daily activity such as walking, sitting, standing, etc.

ARYSE® HYPERKNIT® Ankle Brace is not only useful for treating ankle sprains, but it helps to relieve pain and aid in the treatment of other conditions including Achilles bursitis, tendonitis, effusions of joints, ankle, and foot, and mild ankle instabilities.


sports ankle brace
This is a walking boot designed to provide relief from acute ankle sprains. If your ankle is sprained and you can’t stand or walk, this brace will help get back on your feet quickly. Athletes and sportsmen who have sprained ankles can use this ankle brace to get back to their athletic life quickly.

Along with ankle sprain, the ARYSE® AIRFLOW™ Boot for sprained ankle is used for treating non-union ankle fractures, joint effusions, soft-tissues injuries, Achilles injuries, etc.

Note: As always, we recommend visiting your doctor to determine which type of sports ankle brace is best for your condition. 

Daphco carries a large variety of ankle braces to support all types of foot and ankle injuries. If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, you can buy Medicare brace at little at a minimal cost. Contact us if you need more details about Medicare braces.

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