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The ARYSE ALPHAWRAP Knee wrap works in addition to range-of-motion (ROM) knee braces to prevent brace migration.

Product Types: Knee Wrap

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Scope of Application: The knee wrap offered is a versatile solution, serving multiple purposes including prophylactic knee protection, managing edema, effusions of the knee, and addressing mild instabilities, among other uses. It provides essential support and stability to the knee joint, aiding in injury prevention and promoting comfort during activities. Additionally, for individuals requiring extra compression for faster recovery, there’s the option to explore the silicon padded knee sleeve. This sleeve offers enhanced compression, assisting in reducing swelling, promoting circulation, and facilitating a quicker recovery process.

Whether you’re looking to protect your knees during physical activities, manage swelling and discomfort, or recover from mild knee instabilities, these products offer effective solutions. With features such as bilateral and universal design, lightweight and breathable materials, and easy-to-follow directions for use, they ensure optimal comfort and convenience for the user. Plus, for Medicare beneficiaries seeking cost-effective options, Medicare braces for knee pain are available, providing access to essential support at minimal cost.

Features: Adds comfort, compression, and warmth and prevents brace migration. It’s bilateral, universal, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Product Materials: This knee wrap comprises neoprene, chloroprene rubber, nylon, and spandex.

Directions for Use:
1. Lay support out flat with neoprene side up
2. Can be wrapped around:
• knee cap to provide compression, warmth, and comfort under the brace
• calf to help prevent brace migration
• outside of brace to provide extra compression

If you’re enrolled in Medicare, please complete this contact form to allow us to verify your eligibility.


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