finger splint
finger splint



The ARYSE FOUR-PRONG Finger Splint features a lightweight, malleable frame to provide support for injury recovery.

Product Types: Finger Splint

(See the size chart in the description below)


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Scope of Application: This ARYSE Finger Splint are designed to hold finger straight to prevent bending and curving. It is used to treat finger sprains, mallet finger, stable finger fractures, volar plate injuries, among others. The aluminum frame wraps the finger to immobilize and stabilize the finger so it can heal properly. If you have mallet finger, you can use our mallet finger splint for quick recovery.

Features: Bilateral, lightweight, malleable frame, simple to apply and adjust

Product Materials: This finger splint is made up of aluminum, foam sponge.

Directions for Use:
1. Place the affected finger in a splint
2. Push malleable prongs around the finger
3. With medical tape (not included), tape splint around the finger until the finger is secure and comfortable.

Finger Splint                        Size                           Length of Tip of Finger to Injured Point
101 Small up to 1.5”
102 Medium 1.5 – 2.25”
103 Large 2.25” and up

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