A girl using ROM Elbow Brace
ROM Elbow Brace
ROM Elbow Brace
ROM Elbow Brace
A girl using ROM Elbow Brace



The ARYSE TRU-RANGE+ POST-OP ROM Elbow Brace features multiple range-of-motion (ROM) positions to provide support for injury recovery.

Product Types: Double-Hinged ROM Elbow Brace

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Scope of Application: The ARYSE® ROM Elbow Brace stands as a versatile solution catering to a spectrum of elbow-related conditions and injuries. Crafted with precision, it offers targeted support and stabilization, addressing diverse orthopedic needs with efficacy. From bicep and tricep tendon ruptures to chronic gouty arthritis, dislocations, and ligament instabilities, this brace provides comprehensive care. It aids in the management of fractures, hyperextension, and lateral or medial epicondylitis, offering relief and facilitating recovery. Whether post-surgery or amid rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups, its adaptive design ensures comfort and functionality. Additionally, it aids in conditions necessitating UCL repair, tricep tendon repair, or ulnar nerve transposition. With a focus on enhancing mobility and minimizing discomfort, the ARYSE® ROM Elbow Brace emerges as a trusted ally in orthopedic care, empowering individuals to navigate their healing journey with confidence and support.

You can also try our hinged elbow brace designed to support and stabilize the injured area and aid in quick recovery.

Features: Bilateral and universal, range-of-motion (ROM) hinges with multiple settings, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Product Materials: Aluminum, polypropylene thermoplastic polymer, nylon, polyurethane

Directions for Using ROM Elbow Brace:
1. Unfasten and loosen straps
2. Align hinge with the center of involved elbow joint
3. With an uninvolved hand, pull straps around the involved arm and fasten straps starting closest
to the elbow and working out, tightening to the desired comfort level
4. To adjust the range of motion, press the flexion and/or extension button(s) and rotate until the desired degree is achieved

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