Vista® 637 LSO Lumbar


The adjustable one-size Vista 637 LSO can be transitioned to the Vista 631 LSO LoPro or the Vista 627 Lumbar, providing a secure fit for waist sizes between 26 and 60 inches, extendable to 70 inches with the extension panel.

ADJUSTABLE 26in (66cm) – 60in (152cm)

Product Types: Back Brace

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The adjustable Vista 637 LSO Lumbar accommodates transitioning to either the Vista 631 LSO LoPro or the Vista 627 Lumbar, securely fitting waist sizes from 26 to 60 inches, extendable up to 70 inches with the extension panel.

Conditions This Brace Helps

Created to assist post-operative patients requiring added motion restriction, the Vista® 637 LSO Lumbar offers support to injured spinal structures responsible for discomfort. It boasts various back panel choices and integrated anterior support to promote a comfortable healing environment.

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