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The ARYSE CIRQUE Arm Brace fits comfortably under or over clothing to provide customizable support for prophylactic protection and injury recovery.

Product Types: Arm Band

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Scope of Application: The ARYSE® Arm Brace is a versatile solution crafted to address a variety of elbow-related conditions, offering prophylactic protection as well as targeted relief. Whether you’re seeking prevention measures or treatment for specific ailments like gouty arthritis, lateral epicondylitis (commonly known as tennis elbow), or medial epicondylitis (also known as golfer’s elbow), this arm brace provides comprehensive support.

Designed with functionality and comfort in mind, the ARYSE® Arm Brace is constructed to offer optimal protection while ensuring breathability and lightweight wear. Its universal fit accommodates diverse body types, and the bilateral design allows for use on either arm. Users can comfortably wear this brace under or over clothing, making it suitable for daily wear or during physical activities.

Crafted from high-quality materials including super fiber polyurethane, polyurethane foam, and polypropylene, this arm brace prioritizes durability and comfort. Its simple application process allows for easy donning, while the adjustable design enables users to customize the fit for maximum comfort and support. Whether you’re proactively safeguarding against injuries or seeking relief from existing conditions, the brace offers a reliable solution for elbow protection and support.

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Features: Bilateral and universal, fits comfortably under or over clothing, lightweight, breathable,
and comfortable.

Product Materials: The materials used to make this arm brace include super fiber polyurethane, polyurethane foam, and polypropylene.

Directions for Use:
1. Slide support over hand toward the involved elbow
2. Align ARYSE logo of the armband with the epicondyle (elbow bone)
3. Tighten to the desired comfort level

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