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arm brace
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The ARYSE CIRQUE Z Arm Braces feature an adjustable fit through its advanced Boa® Fit System and provides support for injury recovery.

Product Types: Arm Band

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Scope of Application: ARYSE® Arm Braces offer a comprehensive solution for a spectrum of elbow-related conditions, ranging from chronic gouty arthritis to golfer’s elbow, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, and tennis elbow. Engineered with versatility in mind, these braces cater to a wide range of patients, providing targeted support and relief.

Designed to address chronic gouty arthritis with or without tophus, ARYSE® Arm Braces offer specialized care to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Whether you’re grappling with golfer’s elbow, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, these braces provide tailored support to enhance mobility and reduce pain.

The lightweight and adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes, promoting compliance and ease of use. Constructed from high-quality materials including neoprene, lycra, and thermoplastic polymer, these braces offer durability and breathability for extended wear.

With advanced features such as the Boa Fit System, ARYSE® Arm Braces provide customizable support, allowing users to adjust the fit to their desired comfort level. Whether you’re managing tendinitis or tennis elbow, these braces offer reliable support and comfort to facilitate a faster recovery and improved quality of life.

Features: Bilateral and universal, advanced Boa Fit System, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable

Product Materials: ARYSE® Arm Braces are made up of neoprene, lycra, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, nylon, thermoplastic, polymer.

Directions for Use:
1. Slide support over hand toward the involved elbow
2. Align the ARYSE logo of armband with the epicondyle (elbow bone)
3. Press in on the Boa dial until it clicks
4. Tighten to desired comfort level by turning the Boa dial clockwise
5. To release Boa Fit System, gently pull outward on the Boa dial

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