ARYSE® PURESPEED® Sprained Wrist Wrap


The ARYSE PURESPEED Sprained Wrist Wrap is a lightweight, breathable support for prophylactic protection and injury recovery.

Product Types: Wrist Support

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Scope of Application: This sprained wrist wrap from ARYSE® provides prophylactic wrist protection and helps to treat mild carpal tunnel syndrome, mild wrist instabilities, mild wrist sprains, and strains, post-surgery recovery, wrist pain from overuse, among others. You can also try our lightweight knee sleeve here.

Features: Bilateral, fits comfortably under or over clothing, lightweight, breathable, and

Product Materials: This sprained wrist wrap is made up of polyester, sponge, nylon, spandex, aluminum, polyoxymethylene.

Directions for Use:
1. Pull the support over hand toward the involved wrist and insert the thumb into the thumb hole
2. Tighten straps to the desired comfort level
3. To use support on the opposite wrist, remove plastic and metal inserts from the support and reinsert them on opposite sides.

Wrist Support                    Size                        Wrist Circumference
101 Small up to 8.5”
103 Large 8.5” and up

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