Knee Immobilizer

ARYSE® DELTALOCK™+ Knee Immobilizer


The ARYSE DELTALOCK+ Knee Immobilizer is a lightweight, breathable brace that provides support for injury recovery.

Product Types: Knee Immobilizer

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Scope of Application: The versatility of this knee immobilizer extends to treating a wide range of conditions, including cartilage and meniscus tears, fractures of various knee bones such as the distal femur, patella, and tibia or fibula, as well as hyperextension, knee instabilities, and ligament derangement. Additionally, it can aid in managing symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, patella dislocations and subluxations, sprains, and tendon ruptures, among other orthopedic issues. By effectively restricting micro-movements, this immobilizer supports the healing process and promotes stability in the affected knee joint. Its design, featuring bilateral and universal compatibility, ensures comfortable and breathable support.

Made from durable materials like polyurethane foam, polyester, nylon, aluminum, and silicone, it offers reliable assistance in rehabilitation. Whether addressing acute injuries or chronic conditions, this knee immobilizer provides essential support for optimal recovery and improved mobility. A knee immobilizer brace restricts micro-movements and aids in quick recovery.

Features: Bilateral and universal, supportive, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable

Product Materials: This knee immobilizer is made up of polyurethane foam, polyester, nylon, aluminum, and silicone.

Directions for Use:
1. Unfasten the straps of the brace
2. Align the knee cap of the involved knee with the patella opening
3. Wrap brace around thigh and calf
4. Secure hook-and-loop straps and tighten them to the desired comfort level

Directions for Resizing:
1. Unfasten the straps of the brace
2. Lay the brace out flat with the interior view facing up
3. Separate side brace components
4. Reattach brace components to fit thigh circumference
5. Determine if the brace is appropriately sized. If not, return to step 1

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