Patella Stabilizing Brace
Patella Stabilizing Brace
Patella Stabilizing Brace

ARYSE® TRU-RANGE®+ POST-OP Patella Stabilizing Brace


The ARYSE TRU-RANGE+ POST-OP Patella Stabilizing Brace features controlled range-of-motion (ROM) positions to provide support for injury recovery.

Product Types: ROM Knee Brace

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Scope of Application: The ARYSE® Patella Stabilizing Brace offers comprehensive support for a wide array of knee conditions, including ACL and MCL injuries, cartilage and meniscus tears, patellar fractures, and hyperextension. It also aids in the rehabilitation of knee ligament derangement and post-surgery recovery. Designed to provide stability and comfort, this brace is suitable for addressing chondromalacia of the patella, tibial and fibular fractures, and injuries to collateral and cruciate ligaments. Moreover, it assists in managing symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Whether you’re recovering from a knee injury or managing a chronic condition, the ARYSE® Patella Stabilizing Brace offers reliable support and promotes optimal healing. Its versatile design makes it an essential tool for individuals seeking effective relief from knee pain and discomfort, ensuring comfort and functionality during daily activities and rehabilitation efforts.

If you’re enrolled in Medicare, please complete this contact form to allow us to verify your eligibility.

Features: Bilateral and universal, sturdy range-of-motion (ROM) hinges with multiple settings, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, anti-slip design, easy release for length adjustments.

Product Materials: This patella stabilizing brace nylon, polyester and ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Directions for Use:
1. Unfasten and loosen straps
2. Place the involved leg in the brace
3. Align brace hinges with the sides of the involved knee
4. Fasten straps starting closest to the knee and working out, tightening to the desired comfort
5. To adjust the range of motion, press the flexion and/or extension button(s) and rotate until
the desired degree is achieved

Consult with your medical professional before adjusting range-of-motion (ROM) positions


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