ARYSE® CIRQUE® Patella Brace


The ARYSE CIRQUE Patella brace fits comfortably under or over clothing to provide customizable support for injury recovery

Product Types: Patella Support

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Scope of Application: This ARYSE® patella brace is used to treat chondromalacia of the patella, Osgood-Schlatter syndrome, patellar tendinitis, runner’s knee, among others. You can also try our adjustable brace for patella that comes with advanced Boa Fit System to fit comfortably around the knee.

Features: Bilateral and universal, fits comfortably under or over clothing, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

Product Materials: This patella brace is made up of super fiber polyurethane, silicone, polypropylene

Directions for Use:
1. Slide support over the foot toward the involved knee
2. Align the pad of support just under the knee
3. Tighten to the desired comfort level

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